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June 26, 2013

Commetrex Brings Voice to BladeWare

Commetrex has made its name delivering solutions related to fax. The company continues its work on that front with the delivery new products and capabilities, but Commetrex is now also expanding into voice, and is even considering WebRTC, says Michael Coffee, CEO and chairman, who spoke to Webrtcworld this week at the WebRTC Conference & Expo in Atlanta.

BladeWare is the company’s flagship product. It’s an advanced-architecture HMP telephony server that is used primarily by fax OEMs for media servers – both hosted and premises-based. Commetrex plans to add remote management and transaction accounting to the solution by year’s end.

The company is also bringing voice to BladeWare. In fact, it has two products shipping on this front. That includes BladeWare VXi, a full reference implementation of VXML 2.1. Coffee says it runs three to five times faster than the open source version. Commetrex also has something called BladeWare Studio, a drag-and-drop VXML service creation tool.

“We are plunging into voice in a big way,” says Coffee. “We intend to make 2014 the year that BladeWare becomes the go-to platform for the VXML IVR OEM and system developer. We’ve had a low-key effort under way for years, but demand is now picking up since our offerings have filled an empty market niche with modular VXML products that are built for OEMs. We like to say this modularity allows our OEMs to stay out of captive-technology jail.”

The plan is to deliver an entire gamut of major features under the BladeWare umbrella in 2014, he explains.

As for WebRTC, Coffee says he’s very interested in the technology and expects it to be transformative. It’s also interesting, he says, in that it will require a lot of media processing, which is Commetrex’s specialty. And if the telecom companies get into the act, as some of them already are, it will create big demand for transcoding between the Web world and the telecom world.

Edited by Ashley Caputo
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