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June 27, 2013

Radisys Corporation Announces MPX-OS as the New Foundation of Its Media Processing Portfolio

Real-time communications allows organizations to act on important events by responding immediately and addressing customers, employees, partners and investors. The technology is also used to engage customers for a more personal relationship with targeted marketing using text, voice and video through social networks. The role of media processing becomes very important with Web RTC (real-time communications), over-the-top (OTT) services and cloud deployments. Radisys Corporation, a leader in enabling wireless infrastructure solutions, announced the MPX Operating Software (MPX-OS) will be the foundation of its media processing portfolio.

This software gives the company the ability to expand its media processing capability beyond IP Multimedia Subsystem Media Resource Function (IMS MRF) requirements for Voice over LTE (VoLTE), Rich Communications Services (RCS) and Multimedia Value-Added Services (VAS)  by adding new capabilities for cloud, WebRTC and over-the-top (OTT) service providers. It will support AMR-WB audio codec, H.264 HD 720p video, H.248 interface and deliver support for HD video recording, playback and conference mixing.

Radisys Corporation is at the WebRTC Expo in Atlanta, taking place June 25-27.

With an estimated 6 billion mobile users around the world, the market opportunity is there for service providers to create more options for customers beyond VoIP and video streaming services. Adding real-time interactive high-definition audio and video communication services is a reality because of the rapid deployment of LTE networks and the development of Web RTC and cloud computing.

Real-time IP media processing is a reality in mobile platforms as enterprises and SMB's continue to demand this technology. By leveraging this technology, developers and organizations will be able to create interactive services that are able to generate revenue. Key features of this operating software include:

·         KVM virtualization, enabling virtualized deployment on Intel multi-core services in the telecom cloud for both IMS and OTT services

·         Support for VP8 video codec, enabling termination of WebRTC endpoints for streaming, record and playback, or multimedia conferencing applications, or H.264 to VP8 media transcoding for WebRTC gateway applications

·         AMR-WB audio codec for VoLTE, including transcoding support for interoperability between LTE and 3G mobile endpoints using different codecs

·         Virtualized media processing applications, including MPaaS (Media Processing as a Service)

"MPX-OS represents a unique foundation for our customers that are breaking down the barriers between telecom and web communications for seamless voice and video service delivery, regardless of the network or communications device. MPX-OS-based solutions are deployed today as the foundation for media processing in VoLTE, RCS and OTT services, including serving as a bridge across those network domains to enable much broader service reach and stickiness," said Amit Agarwal, vice president and general manager, Software and Solutions, Radisys.

Edited by Ryan Sartor
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