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July 08, 2013

Temasys Communications Receives Prestigious Recognition for Work in the WebRTC Space

Founded in late 2011 with the mission of changing and improving how people communicate and how businesses relate to customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders, and vice versa, Singapore-based Temasys is highlighted for putting the “visual” in “visual communications,” providing the tools to communicate from anywhere to anywhere, on any device, at any time.

Priding itself on being agile, non-dogmatic, innovative, and challenging, and demanding excellence in everything it does, the company’s foundation was kick-started by two strong VaaS (Videoconferencing as a Service) propositions built on Vidyo and Magor offerings, delivered over a global infrastructure with servers in Singapore, the U.S. and Europe. This VaaS network serves customers in a variety of verticals such as oil and energy, mining, healthcare, education and maritime.

According to Bill Lewis, managing director, Temasys Communications, “Our VaaS propositions have now been complemented by the development of a deep, full stack, WebRTC Infrastructure that is capable of scale and functionality. We are building and provide a solid and comprehensive stack of WebRTC technology that provides the basis for our infrastructure proposition WebRTC Skyway. This infrastructure comprises all the necessary servers and network to support a scalable, global WebRTC network that is interoperable with the legacy world. We also power WebRTC Enterprise, which is a full-featured, multi-party visual communication platform.”

Recently, Temasys Communications received the Visionary Award at the WebRTC Conference and Expo which took place in Atlanta back in June.

When asked why Lewis believes his organization was selected for this prestigious recognition, he commented, “We were, of course, very flattered to receive the award and I believe there are a number of reasons why we were chosen. We portray an approach, which is holistic in nature; we look at the big picture and we also look for the myriad of use cases that are driving change.   Because we are a business-driven organization, which is led by seasoned executives who have run large businesses and we have top rated technologists, we can marry the ‘big picture’ and strategic business perspectives with technical capability.    This allows us to look forward in the development of our infrastructure and propositions.”

Setting itself apart from competitors through its broad technical ability as well as having all the necessary skills in-house to cover everything from client development to infrastructure, interoperability, scalability and agility, Temasys is closely tied to its deep belief of generating business value, rather than creating technology solutions that look for a problem.

Always remaining at the edge of innovation, Lewis concluded by saying that it was important to participate in this not-to-miss WebRTC-based conference because “it allowed us to both showcase and validate some of our ideas, and also take a close look at what is happening in this dynamic space.   This technology is moving so fast that we always have to be on the inside track – the WebRTC conference gave us that opportunity.”

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