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July 16, 2013

Siemens Enterprise Communications Releases More Details on UC platform, Ansible

Siemens Enterprise Communications, a provider of enterprise communications solutions and services, gave the industry its first peek at a new communications and collaboration platform it has designed, called project Ansible. Siemen’s said the new platform will revolutionize the way people take advantage of unified communications and collaborate on projects.

The original announcement was made back in June, when Siemens Enterprise revealed that it was working on the platform to help make unified communications technology significantly easier to use. The plan was to help users not only take better advantage of the technology, but to have access to WebRTC through their browsers. When it announced the platform at the conference, it kept most of the details under wraps.

In a recent press release, however, Siemens finally revealed some details on the new platform, saying that it would “empower teams to engage in rich and meaningful conversations across virtually any communications channel or device.”

"Project Ansible is designed to address core challenges faced by so many organizations today: enterprises are at the center of a complex web of interconnected systems that are hard to manage; companies are failing to drive the full value of those investments; and, while communications tools increasingly play a more central role in business, the user experience is broken," said Hamid Akhavan, CEO of Siemens Enterprise Communications.

"Building upon our leadership heritage of innovation in business communications, our aim is to define a new industry category through aggregation, experience and integration into business processes,” he added. “Project Ansible defines a clear path forward to next-gen solutions through an evolutionary approach for our existing customers and creates an opportunity for Siemens Enterprise Communications to reach a wide range of new customers while leading our industry to the next generation of user experience."

Users can expect to see a limited number of trials become available at the end of the year, with a full release sometime in 2014.

Edited by Blaise McNamee
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