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July 30, 2013

XirSys Opens Up Beta Access for New WebRTC Hosting Service

WebRTC is designed to enable browser-based communications without the need for a plug-in or local client, which would suggest that the process of placing or receiving a WebRTC-based call is easy and that is the case — most of the time. However, when it comes to integrating WebRTC into broader communications systems, some extra work is needed, which is why companies like Huawei have been introducing WebRTC gateways in recent months.

But while a WebRTC gateway is best suited to telecommunications providers, it's not the ideal solution for businesses. That's where XirSys' new WebRTC hosting service comes in.

This comprehensive infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) hosting platform provides the infrastructure necessary for businesses to deploy global WebRTC applications and services, overcoming common challenges standing in the way of establishing a WebRTC connection. As such, every XirSys account includes TURN server support for complicated NAT traversal, websockets for ICE-based WebRTC handshaking, and a JavaScript API framework for audio, video and data channel connections.

Additionally, in order to ensure greater ease of use, customers have access to a real-time dashboard and hands-on technical support.

“WebRTC is a technology that will greatly drive innovation in the communication industry. However, the complications associated with production grade WebRTC infrastructure are simply too great for some; XirSys takes care of this, leaving businesses free to concentrate on the fun stuff,” said Lee Sylvester, CTO of XirSys, in a statement.

Currently, XirSys is handing out cloud accounts for developers interested in testing the beta services of its WebRTC hosting platform. The company plans to begin offering production-ready shared and enterprise plans as early as September of this year.

XirSys is a California-based tech company launched by the founders of Influxis, a streaming company that specializes in WebRTC, Wowza and Adobe Media Server Hosting.

“With Influxis being the hosting standard for flash-based RTC for almost eleven years, the XirSys WebRTC platform was an easy fit for us as we were able to seamlessly integrate our existing network and support infrastructure,” said Richard Blakely, Influxis CEO.

Edited by Ryan Sartor
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