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August 01, 2013

WebRTC Made Easy with Bistri

One of the main allures of Web Real-Time Communication technology is, of course, its simplicity. What better award to win, then, at the recent WebRTC Conference and Expo than the “Easiest to Apply Award?” That honor went to Bistri, an open video calling solution that makes anybody reachable in a single click.

Bistri harnesses WebRTC to provide users with a personalized link that, when clicked, instantly initiates a video call, like an online phone number. There is no software, plug-ins or accounts required; the call is carried out completely through the browser. A single snippet of JavaScript is all that is needed to attach a button to a website or blog, offering visitors a simple click-to-video-call experience. What’s more, the company offers free access to its Bistri API for easy access to all the platform’s capabilities.

Bistri CEO and co-founder Arnaud Budkiewicz told Webrtcworld that since he founded the company in 2010, he has been obsessed with simplicity. This explains the highly customizable and intuitive nature of the Bistri platform.

“WebRTC offers the developers a great opportunity to re-build the user experience of video calls and video conference totally on new bases. As a platform we want to offer developers the best toolbox, easy to apply from the beginner to the advanced developer,” he said.

When asked about his impressions of the WebRTC Conference and Expo, Arnaud replied, “It's only the second edition of the show, and I’ve seen the community grow so fast. Twice as many exhibitors, Three times more participants – It is really impressive!”

“WebRTC is like a tsunami, but at this moment, it is only a wave in the middle of the Pacific Ocean,” he added. “Just a few of us have seen it with their meteorological instruments.”

Arnaud suggests that the standard’s name be changed to UniversalRTC or AnyRTC, as the Web is just a part of its domain. WebRTC has already been seen on Android devices, iOS apps, Google Glass, TVs and more. Capabilities like video calling, video conferencing, screen sharing, and Web audio are just the tip of the WebRTC iceberg.

“We are only at the beginning,” he said. “Data Channel is coming, offering so many new possibilities.”

Bistri recently released its new Android application, which will allow users to be reached on their mobile device at anytime from the Web. The company also plans to release a new version of Bistri for iOS, in addition to a Bistri SDK for both Andoid and iOS.

Edited by Alisen Downey
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