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August 23, 2013

TokBox's OpenTok Now Supports Google Chrome 29, Chrome for Android

If you know about TokBox then you know about its OpenTok platform. While OpenTok first began life as a Flash-based communications platform in 2010, it gained a new lease on life late last year when TokBox updated it to support WebRTC. Since then, OpenTok has received renewed success, recently winning the Best WebRTC Tool Award at the WebRTC Conference and Expo.

The platform has managed to take on the market so successfully not only because it supports WebRTC, but also because TokBox consistently works to add to and enhance OpenTok. In some cases, these enhancements come in the form of a new media distribution framework, or expanded support.

Indeed, OpenTok recently added support for Chrome 29 for the desktop and Chrome for Android.

“WebRTC is a standard on the rise, paving the road for barrier-free real time communications,” said Ian Small, CEO of TokBox. “Google's continued innovation with Chrome 29, combined with TokBox's real-time support for any new WebRTC endpoint, fuels the rapid adoption of WebRTC by making the standard more easily accessible, and most importantly, interoperable.”

Small went on to add that supporting “all possible endpoints” is a major factor in forwarding WebRTC, along with providing globally distributed infrastructure and assisting companies with industry-specific solutions — all of which TokBox is doing with OpenTok.

In fact, the company is always quick to support the latest browsers, whether desktop or mobile, as they receive WebRTC capabilities. For example, even when Firefox introduced WebRTC for its bleeding edge Nightly and Aurora builds earlier this year, OpenTok supported those versions of the browser shortly afterward.

To date, OpenTok has been used by over 70,000 organizations — supporting brands such as MTV, American Idol, Major League Baseball, Diet Coke, Doritos and more — to add live face-to-face communications to their websites. The platform caters to enterprises, entrepreneurs and developers with powerful APIs, a global cloud infrastructure and pre-configured solutions.

Edited by Alisen Downey
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