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September 03, 2013

TrueConf Server 4.1 Brings Enterprise-Grade WebRTC Support

TrueConf is a video conferencing vendor based out of Moscow that hasn’t, in its 10-year lifespan, shied away from innovation. On the contrary, TrueConf tends to embrace new, exciting developments in video; for example, it has supported 3D video conferencing for a couple of years now, while Skype is still held back by the technical aspects of implementing 3D support.

With this in mind, it isn’t too shocking that TrueConf has now fully embraced WebRTC with the latest release of TrueConf Server.

Indeed, TrueConf Server 4.1 offers full support for browser-based video broadcasting using WebRTC and the VP8 SVC video codec. Aside from being a first for TrueConf itself, this is actually the first solution to provide this sort of functionality at the enterprise level.

Support for WebRTC means that any Web browser that also supports the standard — such as the latest versions of Chrome or Firefox — can be used as a client application for video conferencing. This allows TrueConf Server users to easily use their personal PCs — or Android smartphone running the latest Chrome for Android beta — to access the solution’s video broadcasting functionality.

To do this, the person hosting a video conference with TrueConf Server must simply generate a link, which can then be shared with participants, granting access to the conference from a Web browser — eliminating the need to download a client or plug-in. Since this functionality is supported by scalable video coding (SVC), the video and audio adapt according to each user’s connection speed, automatically readjusting the resolution, frame rate and compressions ratio as needed.

“Our products use the most effective and advanced communication technology available in the world today,” said TrueConf CEO Michael Gotalsky in a statement. “We have been able to support the WebRTC standards in our solutions after just two months after its official release, and we are the first to implement this technology in the form of a finished, enterprise-ready product for corporate videoconferencing that works within private networks.”

Edited by Alisen Downey
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