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September 11, 2013

Vocale Announces Two New WebRTC Certification Programs

While WebRTC is getting more popular by the day, there are still plenty of people who simply don’t understand the technology. That is where U.K.-based e-learning company Vocale Ltd comes in. The school has opened up two programs that are geared specifically to teach people who would like to get into the field. The school is now hosting two industry supported certification programs that will hopefully breed a whole new generation of IT professionals who understand WebRTC and can roll out new products using the technology.

The school estimates that there are more than 20 million Java programmers who are poised and ready to put a programming tool like WebRTC into action. Vocale believes that the certification training program they have just launched is the best way yet to make sure that those professionals are putting their skills to good use. The two programs have been titled “WebRTC School Qualified Integrator, WSQI” and “WebRTC School Qualified Developer, WSQD.”

Vocale is offering a discount to Java programmers who sign up for the course for a limited time, another incentive beyond the potential earnings for anyone who wants to start learning how to do their programming with WebRTC included.

Graham Francis, CEO of the WebRTC School, talked about the two new programs in a recent statement, saying, “Backed by partnerships with WebRTC World, the TIA, USTelecom and Comptel plus many other industry ‘giants,’ we intend to replicate the success that we are having with The SIP School and be seen as the principal location for students to get up to speed and attain recognized certifications on this amazing technology.”

The chairman of the WebRTC Conference and Expo is in favor of these particular programs, saying that WebRTC is a technology of the future and that this kind of training can get Web developers up to speed rather quickly.

Edited by Alisen Downey
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