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September 19, 2013

Twilio Introduces SIP Compatibility, Partners with LiveOps

Cloud-based communications company Twilio is something of an upstart in the market, as the young company is taking on established players like Cisco and Avaya with a fresh approach. As such, Twilio has been moving quickly, making significant strides at a rapid-fire pace. Take, for example, two recent announcements made by the company only a few months after the close of a successful Series D funding round.

First, Twilio has introduced a new product called Twilio SIP. With this, Twilio can now help companies that have existing legacy SIP hardware integrate with its cloud-based telephony services that include SMS, phone calls and browser-based calls. In other words, companies can now enjoy the benefits of these cloud services, while still hanging onto their on-premise hardware.

This really opens up Twilio’s potential client base as, prior to Twilio SIP, companies would either have to setup a separate cloud system from their on-premise hardware, or drop their old system completely in favor of the cloud. Obviously, this would tend to be quite a roadblock for trying out Twilio’s services. Fortunately, this new hybrid approach perfectly solves this dilemma.

Still, Twilio CEO Jeff Lawson expects that the day is coming when such an approach will no longer be necessary.

“Enterprises are moving business-critical communications apps from legacy on-premise systems to the cloud,” said Lawson in a statement. “And we’re moving to a future world of software and getting rid of expensive, brittle inflexible systems.”

Indeed, Twilio’s other announcement, which involves a new partnership with customer service technology company LiveOps, seems to support this. The two companies are working together to power a 500-person call center for U.S. restaurants that leverages Twilio’s WebRTC integration. As such, all calls into the center will go through the Web browser, eliminating the need for pretty much any specialized hardware — even telephones.

This is believed to be the largest deployment of WebRTC to date and is an excellent way for LiveOps to sell its customer service software, LiveOps Engage, without the need for hardware.

Edited by Alisen Downey
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