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October 03, 2013

Dialogic Announces PowerMedia XMS 2.1 Solution

Dialogic is a company that has been working hard to become better known in the WebRTC business market. The company announced recently that it was making its PowerMedia XMS 2.1 application more readily available to more than 30 customers and partners. These customers have implemented a beta version of the solution and are currently working with Dialogic toward making real world applications and services. The company’s customers and partners are trying to find a way to better monetize the XMS applications.

Dialogic has made it so that the PowerMedia XMS 2.1 solution works in order to help people move away from what is known as the more traditional office. These days, offices that use data centers and various telephony tools that will give them a leg up on their competition. WebRTC is one of the solutions that will help these businesses achieve those successes.

“We’re preparing to use PowerMedia XMS 2.1 for deploying WebRTC videoconference solutions with advanced features such as playing videos over WebRTC and recording WebRTC video sessions,” said Anton Roman, chief technology officer of Quobis. “We plan to interconnect our WebRTC client to the PowerMedia XMS 2.1, to increase the number of WebRTC-based services we will be able to offer to our customers.” Quobis is one of the companies that has been working with Dialogic for the last few months in order to monetize these solutions.

CallTech is another client that has been working with Dialogic as an early adopter of WebRTC services. The company is looking to use the PowerMedia XMS 2.1 in order to offer a set of advanced conferencing services to its customers. The company sees a wide range of different uses that can come from using this solution, from self service airline kiosks to free conference calls.

Dialogic will officially show off this PowerMedia XMS 2.1 at the 2013 WebRTC Conference and Expo this November.

Edited by Ryan Sartor
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