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October 23, 2013

Flashphoner Web Call Server 3 Offers Flash and WebRTC Server Support

Flashphoner is a company that specializes in software development with the goal of providing Web browser audio and video real-time communications. If you're familiar with WebRTC and its mission of making Web-based audio and video real-time communications broadly available, this might sound a little bit familiar to you.

However, Flashphoner as a company has been around since 2009 and its VoIP browser app has been around even longer. As the timeline and company name suggest, Flashphoner has been providing WebRTC-like functionality by way of Adobe Flash. Obviously, with Flash on its way out and WebRTC growing in use by the day, the only way for Flashphoner to stay relevant would be to embrace WebRTC — which is exactly what it has done.

The company has released a hybrid, server-side platform called Flashphoner Web Call Server 3, which facilitates audio and video calls from a Web browser to landline phones, as well as SIP and VoIP devices. According to Flashphoner, the primary purpose of this release is to enable browser calls that don’t require installation of any additional software.

The hybrid platform, which can be deployed either in a local office network or via the public Internet, doesn’t completely abandon Flashphoner’s roots, though. Unlike most WebRTC SIP gateways, Flashphoner Web Call Server 3 is able to switch between WebRTC and Flash Player for calling, allowing it to support a broader range of browsers.

Indeed, since only the latest versions of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox offer WebRTC support, the market does need a solution that can bridge the Web-based real-time communications gap to other browsers such as Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari. This provides a larger circle of users for Flashphoner’s VoIP service.

The platform features built-in WebRTC server and Flash RTMFP server capabilities, as well as support for HTML5 Secure Websockets, SIP, RTP, STUN and ICE.

Edited by Alisen Downey
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