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November 13, 2013

OnePgr Provides WebRTC-Based Video Conferencing

There are promising new solutions and technology for the hot new sector of Web Real-Time Communication (RTC). For instance, OnePgr provides WebRTC-based video conferencing. It does not even need client download for Google Chrome and Firefox browsers.

As has been reported, WebRTC is an API being developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) for video chat, person-to-person file sharing, and voice calling.

In connection with these developments, OnePgr claims it has come up with the "fastest way to collaborate online." It uses audio- and video-conferencing, desktop sharing, document sharing, live chat, and SMS (short message service). The technology is helpful for spontaneous conversations.

"In carrying out conversations, knowledge workers today are spending a lot of time jumping from application to application and device to device as they sift through email messages, dig up old chat messages, pass documents links around, schedule and attend meetings, or hunt for teleconference codes,"  Rajiv Saxena, CEO of OnePgr, said in a statement. "OnePgr helps users cut through the clutter and save time by making available the context of each conversation including documents, live chat messages, user list, page-level user presence, and comments – all on a single page."

Desktop sharing through OnePgr does not need Java, ActiveX, or Flash plugin. Simply post a URL in a browser to view a session. Also, OnePgr lets users import documents from Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Skydrive – as well as invite contacts from Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo. Looking ahead, OnePgr will soon provide integration with CRM (customer relationship management) solutions (such as salesforce.com) and Help Desk solutions (such as Remedy,) the company said.

OnePgr service is offered for free for either individuals or small teams; for business teams; for enterprises; and for communities and schools. On a personal level, OnePgr can track and manage daily tasks. They can be shared with others in a group. For businesses (such as architects tax/accounting pros, and real estate agents) they can communicate with clients and associates. Business pros can collaborate using document sharing, instant messaging, and posts through social media, too. They can also communicate via audio/video conference with clients, the company said.

“With mobile access, OnePgr becomes a great tool for both professionals/clients who are on the go as information can be shared and accessed instantly from anywhere,” the company adds.

In larger businesses, there are many benefits with OnePgr for collaboration, too. “Engineering can use it for release planning and coordination. Marketing team can store and share business & marketing plans. Customer Support team can leverage OnePgr’s communication features for troubleshooting customer issues. Sales team can get cranking on customer RFQs. HR can create portal for information sharing between HR and employees,” the company said.

And OnePgr also can help students and teachers collaborate. “Teachers can share lecture slides in OnePgr and students can instantly view and discuss with the teacher (or among themselves) using IM, social posts or even audio/video conferencing. Similarly, students can create individual OnePgrs for their team projects and collaborate,” the company said in a statement.

Edited by Ryan Sartor
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