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November 19, 2013

Priologic Showcases PrioPhone Working with Oracle WebRTC Session Controller

It’s hard to identify any one company as being the most active in the WebRTC space, but Priologic is definitely in the running. Most recently, the company has begun showcasing its new WebRTC softphone, PrioPhone, working in tandem with the Oracle WebRTC Session Controller (WSC) at the WebRTC Conference & Expo this week, from November 19 to 21 in Santa Clara.

The Oracle WSC provides a highly secure and scalable platform for WebRTC and a gateway to existing systems, allowing PrioPhone to better integrate with traditional phone systems. On its own, PrioPhone is able to integrate with enterprise directory systems, making it an ideal solution for simplifying internal communications, while brining more advanced features such as video chat and text messaging into the mix.

“The PrioPhone is one of our first commercial WebRTC offerings and it targets large enterprises,” said Doug Pelton, CEO of Priologic, in a statement. “As a company we've spent the last 10 years providing software development and integration services for large enterprise and we're an Oracle Gold Partner, so it's a great fit.”

Toward the beginning of the year at ITEXPO Miami, Priologic introduced EasyRTC Enterprise, which allows those interested in developing applications based on WebRTC but aren’t familiar with the WebRTC code to do so more easily. In particular, the offering features an assortment of tools to help ease the process along, as well as browser-to-browser encryption to ensure secure transmissions between users.

EasyRTC took home the Best WebRTC Tools Award at last November’s WebRTC Conference & Expo.

More recently, Priologic launched Tawk.com, a more consumer-facing offering that offers free browser-based video chatting among its users. However, unlike similar offerings, Tawk.com focuses on offering security and anonymity to its users via HTTPS, or HTTP over SSL. The offering took home the Editor’s Choice Award during last June’s WebRTC Conference & Expo.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker
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