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November 20, 2013

WebFL.US Integrates WebRTC with its Responsive Web Design Solutions

WebFL.US, a Miami-based Web design and mobile Web development firm, has thrown its hat into the WebRTC ring by integrating the technology with its own responsive Web design solutions for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). This integration was in part influenced by the fact that the number of WebRTC-capable devices is now massive since all PCs can run either Chrome or Firefox, while Android devices boast WebRTC support via the Chrome Beta channel.

“WebRTC heralds the culmination of the convergence of computing and communications. It is destined to be the most disruptive and democratizing technology to come along since the World Wide Web itself,” said Bruce Arnold, WebRTC School Qualified Developer (WSQD) of WebFL.US, in a statement. “With WebRTC all people must do to see and speak with each other in live one-on-one video chats, multi-party conferences or even mass broadcasts is open a link in their web or mobile browser. Sociopolitical paradigm shifts of epic proportions are inevitable, and the new business opportunities will be boundless.”

WebFL.US has begun integrating WebRTC’s APIs into its responsive Web design and mobile Web development solutions portfolio in order to better support a broad range of uses. Some targeted business applications include website-based voice and video conferencing, webinars, online education and training, sales presentations, product demonstrations, customer Web support with live video windows and more.

Furthermore, since all WebRTC sessions — whether video, audio or pure data media streams — are encrypted and flow directly from one Web browser to another, WebFL.US feels this method of communication is superior to standalone applications such as Skype. Besides that, all WebRTC technologies are open source, browser based and cross platform, eliminating the need for native mobile apps and plug-ins. In other words, WebRTC is a forward-thinking technology that better supports the modern mobile lifestyle than competing alternatives.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker
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