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January 03, 2014

Plantronics: Where Wearable Technology Meets WebRTC

What happens when you take wearable technology and marry it with WebRTC? You get the Plantronics Wearable Concept 1, a contextually-aware prototype wearable device that features a variety of embedded sensors, including three-dimensional head tracking, free fall detection and tap detection.

Attendees at this year’s WebRTC Expo were able to see this technology in action at the demonstration panel from PLT Labs. Derived from the same form factor as its Voyager headset, the gesture-based interface can detect movement of a wearer’s head and reflect it in an avatar attached to a mobile device.

How does this work with WebRTC?

For developers looking to create new experiences like headset integration into WebRTC environments, the Wearable Concept 1 is a perfect fit.

According to PLT Labs, the Concept series are packed with sensors, allowing developers to create new applications and user experiences. These experiences can include real estate by employing the use of Google Street View, or for the gaming consumer, the head tracking technology is just one more input that game designers could deploy to help create more nuanced user experiences.

The app that works with the Concept 1 can track data like pitch, roll, temperature, pedometer and free fall.

The company received the Visionary award for demonstrating how a range of WebRTC experiences could be enriched when used in conjunction with its Wearable Concept 1.

“WebRTC opens up a whole new world of communications options, which makes it an ideal environment for our advanced wearable capabilities,” said Joe Burton, CTO and senior vice president of technology, development and strategy, Plantronics.

See the Wearable Concept 1 in action at the expo and how well it can work for the future of WebRTC:

Edited by Cassandra Tucker
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