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January 03, 2014

How HyperVoice and WebRTC Go Hand in Hand

At the WebRTC Conference & Expo, HarQen lent it’s time discussing its involvement with the Hypervoice Consortium and demonstrating the technological possibilities of managing data using “HyperVoice” rather than the customary “Hypertext.”

The idea that inflection, intonation and a variety of other pieces of information can be gleaned from a phone call or a face-to-face conversation that might otherwise be lost in text-only messages is not news, but having a great interface to collect it, organize it, categorize it, and then browse it at your leisure, certainly is. 

What sets this apart from other solutions is the interface of this particular application called VoiceAdvantage from HarQen.  HarQen demonstrated how you can manage a phone line and send only the right people to your prearranged battery of questions to collect hypervoice data while normal calls are accepted. 

Not only was the demonstration accessible, it was concise and showed applications for VoiceAdvantage both for businesses as well as personal use.

The power of VoiceAdvantage is in the backend, meaning what you can do with the voice recordings after you’ve captured them. For example, headhunters can go through interviews more than 10x faster and reduce costs by up to 90 percent, maximizing overall efficiency.

It should also be noted that while the user who designs the battery of questions for an interview must use a computer with Web access, those who are interviewed need merely a traditional phone to partake in the process.  Those with more access to technology can actually leave video responses with a webcam.

HyperVoice works with Tropo to identify if there's a call from someone you know, who you can answer or send to regular voicemail.

See the demonstration in action from the WebRTC Conference and Expo as it happened:

Edited by Cassandra Tucker
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