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March 25, 2014

Mojo Lingo Puts Voice at the Forefront of All Media

The Web is a vastly different landscape compared to yesterday. Instead of static pages, intricate code has enabled businesses to put themselves, both literally and figuratively, right into their home pages, all with different ways to access information and yes, even speak to someone straight from the Web.

This is what WebRTC does. This powerful tool enables browser-to-browser applications for voice calling, video chat, and P2P file sharing without plugins, and its usefulness is only starting to be understood.

A big draw with WebRTC is the manner in which it's “baked” into browsers. Imagine being able to shop online for a product and clicking on a product page where you can have a live video call with a customer service representative who shows you the item you are thinking of buying. Companies like Mojo Lingo are making this scenario a reality for all types of businesses.

With applications that combine voice, video and text with databases, Web APIs and other sources of application data, Mojo Lingo builds custom voice and real-time communication apps that help companies come into the here and now of customer interaction.

Some examples of applications that the company is able to produce are telephone surveys, automated call centers integrated with CRM, browser-driven video+text communications feature which can be put right into an existing Web-based distance learning app.

WebRTC was a big topic at this year’s ITEXPO Miami, with events, seminars and panel discussions focusing on this emerging technology. Mojo Lingo was present at this year’s ITEXPO Miami, discussing how businesses can find revenue in real time communications.

Mojo Lingo’s founder Ben Klang took some time to sit with Webrtcworld for an exclusive ITEXPO Miami interview, discussing the future of WebRTC and how MojoLingo is speaking to the companies who wish to benefit from its many features.

Hear what Klang had to say straight from the showroom floor:

Edited by Cassandra Tucker
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