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April 01, 2014

How Unified Office is Optimizing the Virtual Experience

The unified office – it’s a concept that would streamline operations, reduce the cost of staying connected and eliminate unnecessary duplications. It’s often referred to as unified communications, but when it extends to the entire office, it encompasses what you need in an increasingly mobile market.

So important is this approach to operations that it’s not just a concept, but also a company. Unified Office is a provider of software-defined networking-based, hybrid private-cloud managed services. The company is also a virtual office services developer and sells its services through a channel partner network, marketing to SMBs.

Most recently, Unified Office announced the rollout of its new HTML5-based WebRTC applications, leveraging the opportunities in real-time communications. Unified Office has also made available its Total Connect Now (TCN) 3.0 Hybrid Private Cloud service architecture, built on the concept of its adaptive Highest Quality Routing (HQR) solution.

Through a wide array of communications technologies, Unified Office enables the virtual office so that users can communicate from anywhere on any device. While other providers have claimed they can meet this demand, Unified Office is suggesting it can do so with better quality through its HQR architecture. The University of New Hampshire’s Interoperability Lab verified this claim through testing of failover scenarios.

Current calls continued as new calls were placed on the highest quality path available. The overall availability and quality of experience was enhanced through the process. Unified Office suggests that the secret to achieving this level of quality is not just with the products used, but also with the service implemented end-to-end. It’s the only way to optimize the Internet for effective and high quality communications.

Unified Office’s TCN 3.0 service architecture also offers cloud-based disaster recovery and business continuity through the shadowing of primary customer servers. This allows users to communicate through the primary or shadow server based on need and availability at the time of the call.

These offerings are significant as the availability of communication services via the Internet has been around for quite some time, yet many have fallen short when it comes to quality expectations. To make full use of the technology and innovations available in this space, companies need to be able to optimize their resources effectively, making full use of the benefits of the virtual office and mobile connections.

Unified Office makes this happen with the virtual user in mind. The company created a service that will run on the device of your choice, using the service you want and making it perfect in terms of quality. To learn more, Unified Office was invited into the TMC newsroom at ITEXPO. Check out the full story in this ITEXPO video.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker
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