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July 14, 2014

CafeX Makes WebRTC A Reality in Just Two Lines of Code

As the name suggests, WebRTC was the big topic amongst attendees at this year’s WebRTC World Conference and Expo. Being at the hub of everything, WebRTC showcased some of the biggest players in the space, all of whom shared their expertise, knowledge, and offered demonstrations on how this technology can work for both the consumer and the enterprise.

Businesses are getting the idea that customers want a more up-to-date ways to stay in contact, while customers are more interested in using their mobile phones and Web interactions to get the answers they need.

WebRTC offers the ability to contact agents by their preferred means, directly from the browser at any time, and in turn the customer experience is substantially improved.

CafeX, a spinoff of Thrupoint Inc.’s Fusion collaboration software, allows business to deliver leading-edge customer experience management solutions that extend enterprise’s existing contact center and communications systems to new channels and use cases.

Indeed, WebRTC goes beyond VoIP and video conferencing, with no plugins to download or install that may not be compatible with consumer’s browsers across desktop, mobile or tablet.

While mobile has made virtual work easier and more streamlined, Web-based communications can turn the browser into an additional VoIP endpoint. For specific types of businesses, this can help reduce overhead costs.

How can businesses enable co-browsing, voice, document sharing, and all of the other bells and whistles that come with WebRTC deployment with just a couple of lines of code?

Hear what CafeX has to offer for developers, and how to enable this next-generation communications:

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