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July 15, 2014

FotoIN Takes Field Photo Documentation to the Cloud

For businesses in the industries of construction, real estate, and insurance, documentation sharing is a crucial aspect of day-to-day functions. What email attachments once made easy, the power of WebRTC has made even easier.

On a typical day for say, property management, reporting progress could be cumbersome without the proper tools in one’s toolbox to keep it all in one place. Solutions like those from FotoIN take the guesswork out and allow managers to gather pertinent information to distribute to necessary staff.

FotoIN is an app found in the Apple App Store and in Google Play’s market, but it’s not a consumer-driven app. This app caters to professionals who need to manage risks, and grow and protect their businesses, while keeping documents and photos safe.

Historically, paper-based documentation has held several advantages. Specifically, paper-based documentation was seen to offer superior portability, readability, availability, and ease-of-use. But we have come a long way since the days of carbon copies and overstuffed filing cabinets. The cloud has offered some important technology-based advantages, including cross-referencing, indexing, and searching capabilities that are absent without the use of technology.

Whether you work in an organization that handles real estate, or provides construction services, a paper trail is vital to daily function. Thankfully, the “paper” part of the paper trail doesn’t have to mean literal paper.

But what about storage? Once a company uses services like FotoIN to document and annotate, where does it all live?

FotoIN automates the process and partners with cloud providers like Box, so automating from the field directly to the cloud provider of choice takes the worry out of ‘where it’s going’ and ‘how it’s stored’.

Hear what FotoIN had to share with Webrtcworld at this year’s WebRTC event in Atlanta about its products and solutions for businesses that use photo documentation as its primary business function:

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Edited by Adam Brandt
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