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July 15, 2014

zBoost Eliminates the Dropped Call, Gives Data a Boost

For the mobile workforce, nothing is more frustrating than talking to a client or listening in on a meeting remotely, only to have the call dropped due to a poor signal. For businesses who rely on their field employees to close deals or keep up on important meetings, this can spell disaster. Even with better technology, not all smartphones behave well on the airwaves.

zBoost picks up where the calls are dropped with its cellular signal booster products by increasing in-vehicle signals. According to the company’s website, zBoost can work for indoor cell phone use by capturing and enhancing outside signal, then bringing it indoors.

Complaints of poor mobile phone reception have brought the problem of mobile voice and data coverage to the attention of businesses experiencing similar problems. With companies becoming more reliant on the mobile phone as a means of communication, these types of calls will outnumber fixed line calls. Poor network coverage and weak or no mobile signal are becoming vital factors to consider.

More and more workers are choosing to use their mobile phones to make business calls even when at their desks. Poor mobile coverage isn't just a problem limited to one or two mobile network providers, it's an issue with all the major mobile operators.

Analysts and experts agree that as businesses look to increase efficiency while cutting costs, not to mention move away from rising mobile phone costs, long contracts and traditional plans will be a thing of the past. Mobile service providers offer a great way for businesses to take their services on the go, making it easier for businesses to make the move towards a more mobile-centric communications system. Having the cellular power to do so, however, is important to make this a reality.

Watch zBoost’s product demonstration and hear what the company had to say at this year’s WebRTC event in Atlanta: 

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Edited by Adam Brandt
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