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July 18, 2014

Voxbone WebRTC Option Now in Beta Version

Voxbone is providing a form of WebRTC for its clients.

“We are offering a very simple, powerful way for companies, our clients in particular, to get started with WebRTC,” Hugh Goldstein, vice president of Strategic Alliances at Voxbone, told Carl Ford during an interview at WebRTC Conference & Expo in Atlanta.

Now in Beta version, the initiative lets companies get some code from Voxbone. “They can take code from us, put it on their web page and have calls flow from the web page into WebRTC, into our network,” Goldstein explained.

The call is then transported using Voxbone’s private network, and it is delivered to the company’s existing infrastructure. To find out more about the offering, please click here to see the full interview.

“They can offer WebRTC to their clients immediately,” Goldstein said, without any additional development work. “They don’t have to purchase any additional equipment at this stage. They have the call go to their existing conferencing or contact center applications.”

The current beta version will run through September 2014 and then maybe become a production service. Now, there is click-to-talk for a conferencing bridge or a contact center. Looking ahead, there is a lot of potential use for WebRTC.

“The next steps are wide open,” Goldstein said. One initiative the company is now thinking about is using the iNum initiative with WebRTC for connectivity, which uses a number starting with 883 as an international dial code. The iNum Initiative provides free numbers to IP communications service providers, enterprises, non-governmental organizations and universities. 

Overall, Voxbone provides geographical and toll-free telephone numbers (DIDs or DDIs), which let cloud communications providers, global carriers and enterprises extend their voice services, globally. It can be achieved quickly and at low costs. Voxbone provides inbound SIP trunks from more than 50 nations.

Edited by Adam Brandt
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