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July 21, 2014

Consumers, Business Customers Say 'Wow' Over Wow!

With new initiatives taking place, such as WebRTC, Wow! provides such products and services as voice, data and cloud services in the Midwest and Southeast.

Its roots are traced to 1996, when it started offering cable TV service in Illinois, Michigan, Ohio and Indiana. Now, the company offers digital cable, HDTV, DVRs, high-speed Internet, and local and long-distance phone service. In 2012, Wow! acquired Knology, and reached customers in Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, Florida, Kansas, South Dakota, Minnesota and Iowa. Wow! is privately owned by Avista Capital Partners. On the business side, Wow! provides high-speed Internet, data, voice, cloud and video services for different-sized companies. It offers economical, scalable telecom services.

“We’re really changing how people view alternative providers,” Jason Covert, vice president of sales at Wow!, told TMC’s Rich Tehrani during an interview at WebRTC Expo in Atlanta. “We’re not your typical telecom or cable company.”

He explained they have a passion to provide an “excellent customer experience”. 

That comes as a result of a design solution that aligns with customer needs; they exceed customer expectations. They are proactive and regularly check in with customers. Networks are monitored around the clock. And the company emphasizes accountability, integrity, courage and respect. To see the entire interview and find out more about what makes them unique, please click here.

When it comes to the cloud, more specifically, they have two data centers. One is located in Tampa, Florida, and the other in Columbus, Ohio. “These data centers offer all the services you expect in a best-in-class type of environment,” Covert said. These include: cloud-based computing, disaster recovery, infrastructure-as-a-service, back-up and colocation. The company also provides connectivity to the cloud.

In addition, last year Wow! acquired the Columbus data center, cloud and fiber assets of cloud service provider Bluemile. The acquisition marked Wow!’s entry into cloud infrastructure and the company added to it data center portfolio, plus providing a business network presence in Boston and New York City. With the acquisition, Wow! provides enhanced data center services such as disaster recovery, cloud backup, managed security and cloud computing to smaller- and enterprise-sized businesses across 13 states.

As further changes are anticipated in communications, Wow! continues to offer the basic values that distinguish it from options. Among those changes is growth in WebRTC, which may drastically changes communications. It is an open project that enables web browsers with Real-Time Communications (RTC) capabilities through JavaScript APIs. 

Edited by Adam Brandt
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