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July 31, 2014

WebRTC Veteran Dialogic Demos for WebRTC World

One of the great things about how far we’ve come in the digital age is how technologies have afforded us the ability to connect in ways that go far beyond email and phone calls. As companies have embraced social media as a means of communications, many are taking it a step further and are now incorporating solutions like video chat and putting these abilities right into their Web pages.

This is WebRTC. WebRTC satisfies the customer demand of being able to contact agents by their preferred means directly from the browser at any time, thus improving the customer experience tenfold.

WebRTC is rich with functionality, and as businesses gain comfort in their offerings, they will be able to increasingly exploit this functionality to create stronger customer experiences.

WebRTC demonstration veterans Dialogic once again showcased their solution at this year’s WebRTC World event in Atlanta, Georgia. The company recently announced that it has reached more than 90 WebRTC engagements among telcos, enterprises, contact centers, cloud and Web companies, and public institutions.

“In the past year, we have seen a tremendous increase  in interest for WebRTC and growing traction for our server-side media processing solutions,” said Kevin Cook, president and CEO of Dialogic at the time of the press announcement. “As WebRTC matures beyond an interesting technology to a business-useful one, our PowerMedia XMS media server is providing sophisticated, production-ready applications and services from the doctor’s office to financial trading floors.”

What attendees at this year’s event got to see firsthand was how Dialogic works in terms of streaming, and offered a demo on how their solution can perform tasks, like virtual lessons.

Imagine being able to connect with a tutor for a specific skill; in this case, Dialogic was able to build a WebRTC-enabled lesson on the popular sport golf. Perhaps a budding golf enthusiast wants to improve upon form, and in this example, two geographically dispersed individuals can connect, one who teaches and one who wants to learn.

How does the technology work and what sets Dialogic apart from other WebRTC solutions?

See what the attendees at this year’s event took away from the demonstration, and learn all about how the peer side versus the server side work together to offer one complete solution:

Edited by Maurice Nagle
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