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July 31, 2014

WebRTC Brings Work and Social Interaction Into One Powerful, Collaborative Tool

Internet-fueled network computing has wrought such profound effects on business communications during the last decade. Remote workers and geographically dispersed workforces no longer have to interact by email or telephone alone.

Companies are looking to invest more in collaborative apps and solutions that will help employees be more efficient together as a team, not only with instant messaging and email but also within “the cloud.” The cloud utilizes resources from the computers as a collective virtual computer, where the applications can run independently from particular computer or server configurations. WebRTC makes it all happen.

Such is the case with BCSocial, a a platform that aims to connect users within organizations big and small to everything they need and lets them access it from wherever, whenever, and any device. BCSocial workspace users can upload and share documents, search information, manage tasks and so on.

What makes its collaboration software different? It is designed to engage users by allowing them to choose work style options that suit more traditional paper, email and document file work styles without losing the teamwork aspect.

The service can be accessed anywhere on any device; users can share and comment on and in any content.

Offering workplace flexibility can have a positive impact company-wide. The simple benefit is this: people work harder when their working hours and locations suit them. If people work harder, companies prosper.

Technology like that from BCSocial can make it easy to manage how and when you offer flexible work time to employees. Workforce optimization software is a solid choice. It can help maintain a high level of contact by encouraging a two-way flow of communication between management and the distance worker, and the distance worker and their other colleagues.

See the demonstration straight from this year’s WebRTC event in Atlanta, Georgia:

Edited by Maurice Nagle
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