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July 31, 2014

Daitan Group Demos Its WebRTC Building Solutions at WebRTC Event

WebRTC is taking communications beyond VoIP and video conferencing, giving businesses more options to offer customers as a means of reaching out.

Imagine being able to shop online for a product and clicking on a product page where you can have a live video call with a customer service representative, who then shows you the gadget you are thinking of buying. That’s the power of WebRTC.

Web RTC enables Web applications to use the Web to make real-time voice and video connections to other WebRTC devices, or traditional VoIP and video devices through mediation elements that can interface WebRTC with the existing infrastructure.

WebRTC's open source media engine library is being adopted by many traditional VoIP companies because of its quality and free community support (partly due to Google's investment). Use of this engine helps to minimize development costs and prevent lower-level interoperability issues.

Daitan Group, while in the WebRTC space, doesn’t necessarily have an actual WebRTC product that they sell, however at this year’s WebRTC World event in Atlanta, the company demonstrated its ability to develop services, namely a simple chat room able to host 5 people. For businesses who want to harness WebRTC but do not have the resources to develop it, Daitan Group is there to give an assist.

According to the company’s website, its team of professionals team has decades of experience in building successful product development teams that deliver products reliably, on time, with quality and within budget.

Because WebRTC requires no plugins, frameworks or applications, all you need is a WebRTC compatible browser. To an end user, WebRTC applications “just work” right out of the box. No Flash, no Silverlight, no JavaScript API, just pure video, audio, and data communication on any webpage.

According to Daitan, the most simplest solution to build is one that doesn’t require being integrated into an existing infrastructure.

See how the company did this via the demo sessions at this year’s WebRTC World event:

Edited by Maurice Nagle
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