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August 01, 2014

Vidyo Teleconferencing Includes WebRTC Option

Teleconferencing is an economical, efficient and technologically impressive way to have a business meeting. There are some new approaches that make this option even more impressive.

Vidyo lets businesses present desktop conferencing through three different modalities with diverse features. The three approaches were demonstrated recently by the company at the WebRTC Conference & Expo in Atlanta, using a virtual meeting room with a four-way multi-point conference.

During the presentation, Vidyo demonstrated the features and flexibility of its software clients whether using desktop video conferencing, plug-in based web browser conferencing, or a native WebRTC client.

The WebRTC version allows every participant’s picture to get transcoded so they can work with WebRTC. There is a little more latency with WebRTC than with, for instance, the browser plug-in version, but overall it provides a great experience, Vidyo’s solutions architect Ami Barzelay, said. When it comes to the browser plug-in, the video conference is embedded inside a browser. It will work within every browser. “That’s our solution for tackling the non-Web RTC browsers today,” Barzelay said. And the third method is via a native OSX client running on a Mac book.

In each of these methods, there are windows showing each of the four participants. The technology lets someone make one participant larger than the others, if desired, such as the person who is currently making a presentation. With Vidyo desktop, users can share applications or share a desktop into the conference, too. There are many advanced features, as well, such as group chat.

One especially impressive option relates to the resolution at which each participant is being encoded. The resolution can be changed. For instance, in the demo the resolution was increased to 1440 pixels, which provides 80 percent more pixels than with traditional telepresence. That means video quality is improved.

During the WebRTC Conference & Expo, Vidyo explained why its platform architecture is a great fit for WebRTC. It was also announced how the company’s new VidyoWorks JavaScript library for WebRTC will be available to developers in September 2014.

Edited by Maurice Nagle
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