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August 04, 2014

Videotion Demonstrates How Conversation Can Take Place with Many Options

Conversations are being raised to a new level with Videotion. Videotion is a real-time communication (RTC) and multimedia solution. It provides a virtual meeting room employing RTC and multimedia content over the Internet.

During the WebRTC Conference & Expo in Atlanta, Videotion co-founder Claudio Vacalebre showed some of the technology’s many features.

“This is exactly what you want to have when you have meaningful conversation with your counterpart,” he explained during the demo. “We are making the conversation a meaningful one.”

For instance, up to five participants, including the owner, can take part. The screen can be divided into several windows, or can show just one window. It is easy to bring in a video from something like YouTube, as well. Backgrounds are changed simply. And time-lapse can show how something progresses. To see the entire demo, please click here.

“You can stay focused on that conversation and you can share the content you need, while having that conversation,” Vacalebre said.

It is easy to join a conversation, too. Guests can join a room by entering a web address or a sub domain name. Guests need to click just once, and do not have to install, register or log in. An SMS will be sent to the owner to say when a guest has entered a room. The owner can close the room when all is complete.

In addition, Videotion runs on Android, Mac, Windows, Ubuntu, CentOS, OpenSuse, RedHat and other operating systems.

“We are mixing commercial software with open source software and the mix is really great,” Vacalebre added.

Videotion can be used in a private cloud, on premises, or in a hybrid environment. It is available via Videotion’s preferred virtual data centers in Washington State, Oregon, California, or Virginia. There are also data centers located outside of the United States.

Edited by Adam Brandt
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