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August 06, 2014

CafeX Brings Forward-thinking WebRTC to ITEXPO

August 11 is less than a week away, and with it, the beginning of the world famous ITEXPO. Being held at The Rio in Las Vegas, Nev., this pinnacle event offers an IT playground in which industry experts take center stage, sharing avant-garde insights with those lucky enough to be privy.

One company making a major splash in the realm of WebRTC, and who is hoping to make an equally major splash at this year’s show, is CaféX. A leading provider of real-time engagement solutions for devices, including smartphones, tablets, and desktop applications, CaféX offers IT provisions essential to the modern day communications needs of its customers.

Representing CaféX at the impending ITEXPO will be Sajeel Hussein, vice president of Marketing & Partner Development, speaking in two separate sessions: ‘WebRTC and the Exceptional Customer Experience’, and ‘What WebRTC Means to Your Enterprise Communications?’. In the former, taking place on Monday, August 11, 2014, Sajeel asserts that he will be contributing his thoughts on to the enablement of better business processes as to streamline operations, while improving customer engagement through cross-channel context and live assistance. The latter will discuss, according to Sajeel, leveraging open and simple WebRTC standards for the purposes of improving customer perceptions and satisfaction.

Recently, TMC had the opportunity to speak with Sajeel, who filled us in on what WebRTC means for CaféX, the customer, and the future of mobility and communications.

How has mobility changed the way you and your team work?

As with many companies, CaféX has many road warriors and virtual offices. Advances in mobility technology have improved the operational efficiency of the entire organization. The adoption of WebRTC-based conferencing and collaboration tools added multiple dimensions to the way our teams are able to interact and communicate, which has had a tremendous impact on the entire company. Projects get completed faster, decision-makers can be reached more quickly, the pace of innovation has quickened, and team collaboration is no longer hindered by location or time zone.

How has mobility impacted the way you interact with your customers?

Improving customer interaction is at the core of the CaféX solutions. The Fusion Live Assist platform enables the addition of live video interaction between customers and service professionals with the addition of just two lines of code in a mobile app or website. This simple integration can be implemented in the cloud or by an enterprise, and can quickly deliver a highly effective customer engagement environment – and live video interaction has been proven to have a positive influence on Net Promoter Scores (NPS). CaféX Fusion Live Assist not only provides a face-to-face experience, but also delivers cross-channel context to the service agent to eliminate the annoying rehash of information many customers experience when switching from one contact channel to another.

What is going to be the biggest trend or innovation in business technology in the next year?

We expect continued emphasis on mobility and cloud, but an interesting area of opportunity surrounds the potential convergence of big data and collaboration. WebRTC, in combination with predictive analytics techniques, can lead to highly informed and contextual customer interactions to speed issue resolution, increase online sales closure rates, enable targeted outbound marketing campaigns and drive other benefits as well. Bringing together customer data across a variety of interaction channels and presenting it to enterprise systems and personnel in real-time could be a key area of innovation in customer experience management.

With offerings like CaféX’s BYOA (bring your own application), allowing companies to enhance existing mobile apps with WebRTC-based collaboration features (such as in-app video chat and co-browsing), and plans for an inexpensive cloud-based service, along with WebRTC integration plans for Google Glass, CaféX clearly establishes itself as a best-of-breed real-time engagement solutions provider.

For more industry insights from Sajeel Hussain and CaféX, be sure to check out both of his panel sessions at the upcoming ITEXPO conference, August 11-14, 2014, at The Rio in Las Vegas, Nev. Keep up with all the latest ITEXPO developments here, and don’t miss your chance to be rub elbows with some of the very best in IT. Follow the event on Twitter at @ITEXPO.

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