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August 13, 2014

Speak the Same Language with WebRTC

Imagine streaming a conference or meeting internationally, with participants from multiple countries speaking multiple languages and being able to understand each member in real-time in your native language.  Today, this is made possible by the team at Translate Your World—the next generation of online communication is here.

Translate Your World announced this week the release of its newest offering, TYWI-Live (“tie-wee”).  The name stands for Translate Your World International, and translates into 78 languages in real-time.   With users like UPS, NASA, Intel and Coca-Cola leveraging the technology for their translating needs, TYWI has planted its flag on top of the translation hill—thanks to WebRTC, and the possibilities it allows.

Company President, Sue Reager, proclaimed, “The impact of WebRTC is already being felt. Developers of speech technologies are gearing up for new, exciting, online web-talking tools.”

The suite of software supports video subtitling, course translation, software localization, website global chat, multi-language mobile marketing as well as real-time voice translation.

In the field of automation, movers and shakers like Apple, Microsoft and Google (and more) connect through TYWI’s mission control center to guarantee harmonious translation amongst those in the space. 

TYWI’s generic version is easy enough for anybody to use with someone who speaks a different language.  It is easy to customize the system to one’s vernacular and voice. Benefits include being able to make restaurant or hotel reservations in a foreign country as well as medical staffs gaining the ability to communicate with foreign speaking patients.

WebRTC technology makes it possible for someone to speak into a phone, have their comments streamed through their browser to TYWI and instantly translated. Each user has control over the quality of translation, and offers transcriptions, translations, subtitling, automatic interpretation and business technology for multi-language meetings.

Company president, Sue Reager, stated, “Translate Your World is one of the first to emerge with its solution for webpage-based across-language communication in real-time. WebRTC doubles the capabilities of Translate Your World and facilitates international conferences with multiple participants. It enables corporate training and education where students can dialog back in their own language. And it translates across-language conversations between hotel staff and guests, nurses and patients, the hearing and the deaf, and more. All with no training required for the user.”

No longer is real-time translation an invention from Star Trek, it is very real (pardon the pun).  Only time will tell how far this technology goes, it is merely in its infancy now, but this writer is curious to see what it looks like as a teenager.

Edited by Adam Brandt
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