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August 22, 2014

BigMarker Making Mark with WebRTC Platform

Video conferencing has now become an important part of today's mobile workforce. As more organizations integrate mobile technology with BYOD initiatives, the instant collaborative solution video conferencing provides is introducing new levels of efficiency and productivity. While there are many companies that provide fee-based services, BigMarker, provider of free Web conferencing solutions with premium options, has announced the launch of public beta of the first full-featured WebRTC Web conferencing platform.

The BigMarker platform is designed to deliver a solution for learning and sharing through web conferences with unlimited audio, video, screen sharing and recording with the ability for the organizers to sell tickets as well as engage participants between events.

According to the company, the release is the world's first full-featured Web conferencing platform built entirely using the conferencing framework of WebRTC, which is open to the public.

The benefit of using the WebRTC framework is that it is an open source application accessible through a browser. The platform is currently supported by Google, Mozilla, and Opera.

With this new release, BigMarker sees people being able to collaborate more openly without the restrictions of propriety applications that have hindered many businesses and not-for-profit organizations not able to afford traditional video conferencing solutions. The company's aim is to have a platform in which online learning becomes more personal, and digitizing in-person conferences so it can be disseminated to a global audience.

Chrome users on Android, Mac, and Windows will be able to use almost any device to access webinars, interactive talks and presentations hosted on BigMarker's platform. Initially the features available will include audio and video conferencing, desktop presentation, video sharing, and recording with low bandwidth requirements capped at 25 attendees. The company announced it plans to scale quickly, which will provide more options including an increased number of attendees.

 "This release marks an important milestone for us and for our industry. Transitioning to WebRTC will enable our users to reach broader audiences in a cost-effective way. As we continue to build the largest community of people learning together in web conferences, advancements like this one are critical to sharing knowledge and experience with people around the world," says Zhu-Song Mei, BigMarker's Founder and CEO. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle
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