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August 28, 2014

Growing Translation Software Now Works with WebRTC

A growing voice translation software company announced today that its flagship software will now support WebRTC in addition to its already-expansive reach into teleconferencing packages and dozens of languages.

Translate Your World, the creators of the TYWI-Live software that can translate a user's choice of 78 languages in real time, will now support transmission through the WebRTC protocol. The Examiner discussed the announcement by first comparing the software to the well-known (in some circles) Klingon Translator from the sci-fi series Star Trek. In the show, the translator can interpret and translate from one language to another, and TYWI-Live does just that through conferencing software the likes of WebEx, Adobe Connect, Blackboard, GoToWebinar, and many others.

Now, with its support of WebRTC, developers can easily use TYWI-Live to translate through users' HTML5 Web browsers. Company president Sue Reager reflected on this point.

"The impact of WebRTC is already being felt. Developers of speech technologies are gearing up for new, exciting, online web-talking tools," Reager said. "Translate Your World is one of the first to emerge with its solution for webpage-based across-language communication in real time. WebRTC doubles the capabilities of Translate Your World and facilitates international conferences with multiple participants."

Indeed, the software has been geared largely toward businesses that sought translation services for international meetings, major conferences, and webinars that could be accessed by large numbers of people across the globe. WebRTC takes it to another level by allowing anyone with a Web browser to take advantage of the translation capabilities. This means that people with any style device on any platform -- whether it is mobile, desktop, Windows, Mac, or Linux -- can make use of the software to fit their needs.

For businesses that have always conducted large-scale meetings and conferences, WebRTC can allow them to create home-grown video packages available for download or through live streams. Virtual corporate training can also take place more easily, and people can respond in their chosen languages without struggle. The Examiner also makes an example of the hotel and tourism industry that may interact with staff and guest who speak several different languages.

Translate Your World has partnered with several large corporations such as Microsoft, Nuance, Google, SDL, ReadSpeaker to enhance its translation product, and as a result, side projects from those companies continue to push the level of translation to new heights. Some technologies can learn language nuances and improve themselves over periods of time, and many support industry-specific dictionaries that describe terminology used, for example, in the engineering or medical professions.

Edited by Alisen Downey


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