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September 12, 2014

Voice4net Talks WebRTC at ITEXPO Las Vegas

The media is buzzing around WebRTC being the next wave for telephony communications. Browsing through tech journals would lead one to believe that sure, WebRTC is the new standard paving the way for video and audio communications, and to a degree, it’s true. This year’s ITEXPO Las Vegas saw a lot of goings on in the WebRTC space, and with companies like Voice4net, it’s a big deal for the contact center space.

WebRTC goes beyond VoIP and video conferencing, with no plugins to download or install that may not be compatible with consumers’ browsers across desktop, mobile or tablet.

Imagine being able to shop online for a product and clicking on a product page where you can have a live video call with a customer service representative, who then shows you the gadget you are thinking of buying. That’s the power of WebRTC.

Voice4net recently partnered withTeleSpeak, a telecommunications provider that offers cloud-based communications and collaboration services built on Voice4net’s WebRTC Framework.

Considered to be a truly innovative technology, business opportunities that did not exist yesterday are suddenly here today because of WebRTC. Now Voice4net customers can differentiate themselves and compete more effectively with this new offering.

WebRTC, a free, open-source project, enables compliant web browsers to communicate in real-time using simple JavaScript APIs.

The project's mission: "To enable rich, high quality, real-time communication applications to be developed in the browser via simple JavaScript APIs and HTML5."

Gone are the days of having to slave tirelessly to get the optimal telephone system up and running. Using the power of the Web, all of that comes together in one single solution that is as easy as developing a Web application.

Here what Voice4net had to say about WebRTC and what they’re doing in this up and coming technology:

Edited by Maurice Nagle
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