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September 22, 2014

Truphone Makes it Easier to Call Globally

This year, Truphone has introduced Truphone World, which offers 66 countries in a bundle. With the bundle, callers find they will get excellent call quality and fast downloads. The bundle includes minutes, texts and data. Users can talk, text and download just like they are in their home nations, and at local rates, not at the more expensive roaming rates.

The nations included in the bundle are found in Europe and North America, as well as Brazil, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, and elsewhere. In addition, users get access to up to eight international numbers on a single SIM. Truphone SIMs feature both an U.S. number and an international number of their choosing, and users can add up to six additional numbers. Also, the Truphone SIM works with BlackBerry, iOS, Android and Windows operating systems.

The bundle makes business trips far more effective, and users of the bundle will find they have a more efficient use of their time, and that means employees can have the option of enjoying some free time.

“What we’ve given you is your social life back,” James Tag, CTO of Truphone, told TMC’s Rich Tehrani during an interview at ITEXPO in Las Vegas.

“You can work, when you travel abroad, as if you’re at home,” Tag adds. “You can work normally.”

He points out that the call quality and data rates are the same. Also, data no longer has to zigzag around the world to reach its destination, but there is now local routing. That eliminates the kind of sluggish service found with earlier options.

“We’ve built these data centers around the world,” Tag explained. “We route your data to the nearest data center. You can do browsing much more quickly. The technology we put in gives you a big speed-up.” Employees will find it easier to stay in touch with their home office, as well.

Similarly, Truphone is also developing uses with WebRTC (real-time communications). That will further improve calling experiences as people travel the world on business.

Edited by Maurice Nagle
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