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November 10, 2014

WebRTC: For Better Customer Care, More Meaningful Learning

We’ve been hearing all about the benefits provided by the latest breakthrough technology, WebRTC, and the innovations it has set forth to provide when it’s adopted by so many more in the months to come.

This browser-based communications specification reduces both the cost and complexity of communicating with people and machines because it offers a connection via an Internet browser, instead of costly telephony networks and doesn’t require any specific plug-ins to work.

One of the industries already benefiting from the technology is Customer Care. Businesses that we’re once limited to their contact centers and the capabilities of agents manning the telephones, can now can offer faster, more convenient interactions via channels like the Web and mobile - so customers can quickly connect for video, chat or social interactions.

Voice4Net is one company already offering advancements for customer interactions with WebRTC. In addition to solutions for the contact center and for customer interactions, the company is now specifically focusing on delivering WebRTC-based contact center solutions.

At the upcoming WebRTC Conference and Expo V, CEO Rick McFarland will take part in a panel “Using WebRTC with Customer Care Websites,” to discuss how businesses can use WebRTC to further develop customer care self-service and reinforce the human experience.

Voice4Net, a Silver sponsor of the event, is certainly experienced in this topic - having recently launched an RTC Client that helps ease implementation and customization of WebRTC-based contact center solutions thanks to an easy drag and drop widget that makes it possible to add new elements to agent desktops - even for legacy contact centers.

A demo of the offering can be seen at the company’s booth #65 in the exhibit hall at the San Jose Convention Center during WebRTC Conference & Expo V.

Not just the customer service market, but numerous other industries are also on tap to reap serious benefits from WebRTC technologies. One vertical that’s also been getting lots of attention is education because the technology allows for the kind of distance learning that was once also an idea.

At WebRTC Conference & Expo V, McFarland is also taking place in a session titled, “WebRTC in Education and Training,” that will offer discussion on how educational environments can make use of browser-based technologies like those in the contact center to create distance learning, training and education environments that are rich and meaningful.

In an interview for the November issue of INTERNET TELEPHONY magazine, McFarland commented on the company’s work in this area with their latest partnership. “We’re working now with a provider of hosted telecommunications services called TeleSpeak, which has developed a suite of branded solutions for a range of verticals.  They offer a number of market-specific applications, such as distance learning in education, which generate engaging, high-fidelity interactive remote learning experiences. The platform will also be leveraged for telemedicine purposes, enabling patients and practitioners to interact even though they are physically separated. It is groundbreaking technology, and we are looking to bring it to market quickly.”

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Edited by Maurice Nagle
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