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January 27, 2015

WebRTC Use Cases Are a Huge Motivating Factor

Frozen Mountain’s VP of Business Development Ted Venema spoke with TMC’s Erik Linask during an interview at WebRTC V in San Jose a few months about developments in the market over the last few years, and his thoughts on where WebRTC is headed.

Venema said the incorporation of video and audio into applications has really taken off and allowed WebRTC to become an important focus and has helped to gain needed acceptance across industries.

When it comes to Frozen Mountain specifically, Venema noted that the company provides WebRTC on numerous platforms and the company has even started to see people wanting the same standard extended to mobile and other devices.

And while WebRTC began as a benefit for adding video to VoIP, now markets like healthcare – where in-home care so patients get doctor and nurse visits virtually are possible. Also verticals like education are looking for video to bring a more realistic learning setting to the classroom.

What really drives the motivation for WebRTC uptake is beyond costs savings, Venema noted. Use cases and having advanced functionalities, is whats really driving the market – even in the non-telecommunications world.

To hear more check out the video interview below.

Edited by Maurice Nagle
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