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January 29, 2015

Voice4Net Talks WebRTC in the Contact Center

One of the more obvious places WebRTC has seen immediate benefit is in the Call Center and CRM space. This market is always ready for change and advancement if the opportunity to serve customers better and be more efficient while saving on costs is presented.

WebRTC does just that. It can help companies to better cater to customer communications needs and the desire for immediacy thanks to real-time communications.

A commonly used example is Amazon’s May Day button, which immediately connects a user via video with an agent for support.

At WebRTC Expo V in San Jose back in November, TMC Group Editorial Director Erik Linask caught up with Rick McFarland of Voice4Net to hear about what the company is doing in this space and where McFarland thinks the market is headed.

Being in the market for 18 years now, McFarland noted that Voice4Net is a company that has always offered custom applications for the contact center - but now with WebRTC, it’s making that a lot easier for everyone involved. There is no longer a need for a special downloadable client, or specific software. Instead, it’s possible to develop very robust systems that can be tied in to the backend legacy pieces as well.

That, McFarland noted, is what the company is currently putting its focus on. “How do I take legacy platforms and ‘WebRTC-ify’ them.”

At the event, the company also announced its new WebRTC client which is a softphone device and call control device for legacy platforms that offers the channel a robust client they can provide as a front-end to legacy systems that many are still supporting.

To hear more details on the new offering and McFarland’s thoughts on WebRTC, check out the video interview below. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle
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