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February 04, 2015

Radish Announces In-Browser Video Communications App

There is very little doubt that WebRTC is becoming more popular the more companies start adopting new ways to use it. Radish is one such company that has found a new way to take advantage of everything the tech has to offer thanks to the Choiceview Web application, designed to let people communicate with businesses visually. Radish has already rolled out a mobile application that allows for video and audio communication over the Web. Now the firm has launched this application, which allows for the same kinds of communication right through a user’s Web browser.

Because there is now no app that needs to be downloaded, Radish believes this greatly expands a user base that is always looking for newer and better WebRTC solutions. For those busy business people on the go, this kind of solution means they can quickly and easily review any number of different data points while they are talking or video chatting with another party.

“The ChoiceView Web App is unique in that it’s browser compatible and delivers pages with both an information frame, for virtually any type of content, as well as controls for interacting with service representatives and IVRs. It offers capabilities well beyond web browsing. Incoming calls, for example, can be easily deflected to a company’s website, with no change to existing web pages and with menu and live help buttons included.” Richard A. Davis, the CTO of Radish recently pointed out in a release about the solution.

Perhaps the best news of all when it comes to this Web app is that it can still be used on mobile devices as if it were a downloadable application. This means that people truly can use the solution while they are on the go, or they can use it from the safety and security of their office or home.

Edited by Maurice Nagle
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