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February 18, 2015

Developers Need Support and the Proper Tools to Make the Internet of Tomorrow a Reality

When it comes to supporting the developer community, there is a synergy between offering support as well as practical tools to get the job done. Spirent Communications, a company that has its roots as a U.K. electrical supplier originating in 1936 and has also grown out of videoconferencing and testing company RADVISION, aims to nurture that synergy.

Carl Ford, a Webrtcworld.com contributor and partner at Crossfire Media, got a chance to speak to Anatoli Levine, director of product management at Spirent, at the recent ITEXPO Miami 2015 event. Levine wears two hats, working with the developer community through Spirent and by serving as president of the International Multimedia Telecommunications Consortium (IMTC).

“Spirent is focusing on developers as well as the testing tools,” said Levine. “Because a lot of Spirent testing tools are intended to help developers build their products.” RADVISION’s technology unit would eventually become the developer tools business unit at Spirent, which is Levine’s focus. He added that the company has been focused on developers since 1995 and has been increasingly offering more tools and solutions to aid them in their process.

That process is something Levine is very familiar with from his standards work at IMTC. The organization merged with the Unified Communications Interoperability Forum (UCIF) just last year, broadening its focus to encompass a variety of standards and protocols, including MANE, UC SDN and SIP over IPv6.

In his capacity at both organizations, Levine sees all the excitement and changes, as well as the large amount of development work necessary to make the vision of M2M communications and IoT become a reality. IMTF’s work in the UC space, particularly, has a direct correlation to M2M communications is it will enable automation of network control, a giant piece of the development puzzle.

“We see a nature of transition because for us, as experts in actual standards for IP communications, we see a transition of moving to the world of M2M and the Internet of Things,” said Levine.

The IoT and M2M communications are just two of the topics that will be discussed at the upcoming IMTC Forum in Florida in November. The event will focus on the Internet of Tomorrow and the standards and development required to make it a reality. Topics will include WebRTC, H.265 and SVC video coding technologies and voice and video over LTE.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi


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