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July 13, 2015

appear.in, Google to Push for WebRTC Development on Android and iOS

One of the first startups on the WebRTC scene was appear.in with its application that now allows for free video-based conversations between up to eight people at once. Google has long supported its project and is now urging the company to create tutorials about how to use real-time communications on the Web for both Android and iOS.

Google is known for creating the WebRTC protocol that provides audio/video communication through browsers without the need for additional plugins or downloads. Now, appear.in is taking its own application to new heights by developing an Android app and focusing on the idea of cross-platform communication. In conjunction with Google, it will be creating a series of tutorials that focus on app development for the two major mobile operating systems and a Google Developer video that will explain how cross-platform WebRTC is possible.

The appear.in website notes that “WebRTC is at the very forefront of a revolution on the Web. It enables developers to easily create peer-to-peer apps that will interoperate across all platforms and devices.” Furthermore, it makes mention of the default encryption of data packets sent between two or more connecting devices and the protocol's ability to bypass the need for using third-party servers.

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Businesses are appear.in's main focus. Rightfully so; its application gives business officials many advantages in the workplace. Whether or not the app facilitates connection between employees or connects those employees to customers, the ease of use of WebRTC cannot be matched. For anyone, it is simply point and click. This will create an instantaneous connection that takes place directly in a Web browser. From there, any connected parties can expect their conversations to remain confidential because of how WebRTC encrypts all data moved between each user.

What is the future of this technology and appear.in? The development company says it hopes to capitalize on the growing industries where the tech is already present—it named healthcare and gaming—and bring it all to mobile. Both Android and iOS hold a lot of potential for audio/video communications, and tutorials such as those appear.in and Google are now developing should go far toward getting individual developers to build on those platforms.

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino
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