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January 22, 2016

Reports Show WebRTC Markets Set for Massive Growth

WebRTC offers a spectrum of benefits in collaboration and interactive scenarios. According to the latest reports, adoption continues to take a hold of the industry. Across contact centers, customer support, educational environments, and much more, this practice is enabling integrations that are totally transforming the user experience. Among those reports, TechNavio's latest report on the WebRTC market indicates that the Americas currently have the largest market share while North America is critical to contributing to the growth and development of this community. The report also indicates that the web-based real time communications market growth is set to reach $3 billion dollars by the year 2020.

Many organizations have implemented WebRTC principles or are planning to go to it in order to better communicate with customers and external partners. The latest frontier for WebRTC is in mobile devices while widespread browser support has started to come around.

The case for WebRTC can be illustrated in different ways. WebRTC allows developers to embed real-time communications into websites and apps. The technology can also be implemented with communication systems and platforms. The technology will be showcased at the upcoming ITEXPO panel “The Cases for WebRTC,” chaired by Gary Audin of Telecom Reseller.

WebRTC also allows real-time communications to have purpose and be contact specific. A variety of protocols interact in the medium of data, video, voice, and real-time to allow this communication. Generally ported through a robust gateway or platform, the WebRTC platform is designed to be flexible enough that no plugins are required. The philosophy is gaining many advocates and the market is projected to explode in terms of presence on mobile devices, tablets and PCs.

WebRTC has applications that are suitable for devices in the Internet of Things, telcos, television, and other service providers. In the future, WebRTC could a critical key to unlocking new models for customer service and support. For example, instant messaging, capabilities of video could be integrated at service terminals, ATMs, and at airport checking. These are experiences could be enhanced with two-way audio video, remote control, and screen sharing. Real-time data can be integrated quickly into applications and websites thanks to this technology.  

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere


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