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January 25, 2016

Wheelings & Dealings: Chatwork Secures Funding for Global Expansion

After becoming the most widely used platform for business communications on their home continent of Asia, Chatwork announced last week that they had been granted $12.5 million in Series B with the goal of expanding.

Chatwork is already quite large. Its services are currently used by 86,000 organizations spread out across 204 nations and regions throughout Asia. This new round of funding is earmarked for expansion into the west, specifically the United States and Europe.

Chatwork provides a real tome communications solutions for businesses. In an increasingly mobile world, being able to have large amounts of employees communicate with each other across great distances is an absolute necessity. Chatwork facilitates this through instant text and enriched media messaging services as well as video chat meetings that are hosted on their app.

“ChatWork transforms the way colleagues work together with an all-in-one app designed for speed, collaboration and teamwork, without all the usual drama,” said ChatWork CEO and Founder Toshi Yamamoto. “As businesses expand globally, teams need to work together across different locations, time zones, cultures, languages and generations. With our Series B funding, we’re excited to accelerate our market growth in the U.S. and Western countries and help businesses build a more humanized work culture and excel in our global economy.”

Chatwork has already established themselves as one of the leaders of business RTC in Asia. Their main investor, JAFCO, has faith in their success and believes that there superior product will dominate the RTC market in the west, says Keisuke Miyoshi, a JAFCO board member. “We are proud to make one of our biggest investments by JAFCO SV4, our latest flagship fund, in ChatWork. Given ChatWork’s proven success, we believe they are uniquely positioned to accelerate their global expansion and further innovate business chat for the future of work.”

It will be very interesting to see if this newcomer from the East can disrupt the RTC industry in the United States and Europe and leverage a position for themselves. 

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere
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