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January 26, 2016

Wheelings & Dealings: Aircall Gains $2.75 Million in Seed Investment Round

A primary focus of enterprise-focused application development teams is the business team itself. Developers are creating team-connecting apps such as the new Aircall – a mobile and desktop app that gives individuals a method of keeping in touch with their fellow employees – that should hit close to home because, of course, development teams also need to communicate with one another.

Aircall recently announced that it has completed a seed investment round of $2.75 million and that it plans to use that money to bolster its development personnel and expand its reach in Europe and the U.S.

Bernard Liautaud, a general partner at Balderton Capital, which led this round of funding alongside FundersClub and a number of U.S.-based angel investors, noted that Aircall is rapidly growing and that his company is excited to see that growth continue.

“Aircall has the potential to transform the business telephony industry through an innovative app-based, collaboration-oriented software,” Liautaud said. “It eliminates the need for traditional phone systems for businesses of any size, and neatly integrates phone communication with companies’ software infrastructures.”

At ITEXPO, TMC’s conference that is taking place this week, the idea of streamlined team-led application delivery, known as devops is expected to gain a lot of attention. Specifically, the talk, “A DevOps State of Mind,” will concentrate on the changing landscape of application development and quick delivery to customers.

The sort of changes that businesses desire such as the push for quick product creation and delivery, as well as timely bug fixes, can only arrive when all team members are on the same page. Team collaboration applications such as Aircall, which syncs with similar products such as Slack (an online team chat service) and customer service apps such as Salesforce and Zendesk, can help teams get to a point where the pinnacle of devops is possible. This latest round of funding should help Aircall reach its immediate goals of expansion and perhaps push it through the next few years where it can increase the number of businesses it helps.

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere
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