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January 27, 2016

Callstats.io Brings WebRTC Monitoring to Jitsi Meet

Callstats.io, a product of Finland-based startup Dialogue.io, monitors and manages the performance of video calls in a WebRTC application. Recently, callstats.io introduced integration with Jitsi Meet, an open source WebRTC application.

Jitsi Meet bills itself as an easy way to get started building a scalable WebRTC-based communication service. Originally, the WebRTC application was the lead product of BlueJimp, a company based in Strasbourg, France. However, the WebRTC-based video conferencing company was acquired by Atlassian—a provider of developer and collaboration tools that include JIRA, Confluence and HipChat—in April 2015.

Now that callstats.io has been integrated with the Jitsi Meet Javascript application, anyone using Jitsi Meet is now able to analyze data from their WebRTC application using callstats.io’s WebRTC analytics service. For those interested in harnessing the synergy of this integration, it’s a remarkably easy process to get started since Jitsi Meet’s developers have already integrated callstats.io into the application.

As such, all that’s left for users to do is add credentials for callstats.io, which in turn enables the callstats.js library. With that done, the WebRTC application will start sending data to the callstats.io API. If that wasn’t enough, callstats.io is even offering a free developer account to be used in conjunction with Jitsi Meet.

According to the callstats.io blog, since Jitsi meet has an integrated video bridge, participant media is not sent separately to each participant but rather to a central conference server which then sends it to each participant in the conference. This methodology enables developers to scale to a larger number of participants in a conference, bypassing the current limitation of five to eight participants when WebRTC conferences are deployed without a video bridge.

The callstats.io dashboard provides service and call-level metrics, enabling WebRTC service providers to identify endpoints and users experiencing poor media quality, as well as diagnose networking issues. The callstats.io team says to expect more third party integrations and partnerships during spring 2016.

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere
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