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February 01, 2016

3CX Partners with TekVision to Streamline Product Testing

Reportedly seeking an increase in testing space and a possible increase in and capital and operational savings, software-based private branch exchange (PBX) provider 3CX has announced the beginning of its partnership with TekVision.

3CX, known for its development of the 3CX Phone System, will now have access to TekVision testing that can help that PBX work better with third party products already present in the communications market. Because 3CX is a global player, it should see an advantage to maintaining interoperability with as many other vendors’ products as it can. TekVizion’s 10 years in the testing industry can streamline future developments that lead to such certifications.

3CX Sales Manager Kyle Asbury commented on the reality that his company is 100 percent channel driven. This means that its product vendors likely also sell other products. “We’re always looking for ways to help our partners increase their revenue,” he began, and hinted that one method of revenue increase is to give those resellers entire packages of products that work well together.

Darlene Smith, the senior director of partner alliances at TekVizion, further noted that 3CX would be part of the tenant program that will ultimately help these channel partners secure sales. By giving 3CX an avenue through which it can test its products and verify for channel partners that products X and Y work well together, everyone in the chain wins.

First, 3CX wins by giving its products, such as the Phone System or WebRTC-based WebMeeting, a direct method of finding out how they work with other software and hardware. In the specific case of WebMeeting, a host of other VoIP software and user hardware can come into play, and vendors will want to know which other products link well with 3CX so its customers can get the best deals.

Those customers also win because they will walk away with one or multiple products that fit their exact needs. They won’t have to leave with questions about whether or not all parts of their networks will cooperate – they will. Finally, TekVision’s ability to increase 3CX’s revenue and streamline its operations can make for a successful relationship that lasts for many years. When vendors report about their happy clients and their fatter bottom line, this new relationship will have paid for itself many times over.

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere
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