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February 23, 2016

Voice4Net Talks WebRTC, Call Center Success at ITEXPO

Voice4net provides contact center technologies for numerous industries. The company’s custom interactive telephony solutions make it possible to streamline business communications and offer the tools needed to succeed in today’s market.

Research firm Frost & Sullivan even recognized Voice4net as part of its 2015 Excellence in Best Practices Awards, which honor companies that have recognized trends and created technologies before they became standard in the marketplace.

Will Melendez of Vocie4net recently sat down with TMC’s Erik Linask to talk about the company and some of the latest trends in the market.

Melendez spoke about the positive impact the adoption of cloud and the acceptance of it has had on the market as well as the company’s own ability to offer their services.

Another trend they chatted about was the increasing popularity of WebRTC in the call center, and why it’s a great way to further increase innovation in the market. Not only does the technology, which is browser-based, make it easier to communicate, but it’s also easier to use – so agents are having an easier, more pleasurable experience using the technologies in the call center and their positive attitudes are transferring to their interactions with customers as well to further increase customer experiences.

Taking the benefits even further, Melendez noted that the increase flexibility offered by WebRTC communications also makes hiring agents who are more qualified to do the job possible. Since geographic limitations are not a concern, call centers can hire based on talent and ensure their customers are getting top notch care. 

WebRTC, Melendez noted has made its way past hype and more and more companies drive toward WebRTC as a standard now.

“Because it is an enabler of other technologies … we’re seeing more and more applications being written on this framework, confirms our belief all along, that it definitely is the way to go.”

Edited by Maurice Nagle
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