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March 03, 2016

Twilio Client Now Supports ORTC for Microsoft Edge

For those in the WebRTC space, the name of the game is progress. Indeed, hardly a week goes by in which a company or developer isn’t announcing a new update to one WebRTC-based solution or another. This time it’s Twilio, the WebRTC-based cloud communications platform that improved its call quality and introduced a new video system last year, that has announced some improvements.

In particular, according to a post on the official Twilio blog, the Twilio Client JavaScript SDK has received updates that include compatibility with the object real-time communications (ORTC) API in the Microsoft Edge web browser. ORTC is a variant of WebRTC intended to give communications developers a greater degree of control and flexibility in their applications, eliminating some unnecessary complexity in negotiating communications sessions at the same time. Perhaps best of all, ORTC does all of this without the need for browser plugins.

As a result, Twilio Client 1.3 no longer relies on Adobe Flash at all. While this move is a direct result of implementing ORTC support in Microsoft Edge, Twilio pointed out that a dramatic decline in Flash usage over the last year was also a factor leading to this change. In addition, customers still using Flash tended to encounter issues.

Twilio Client 1.3 offers a variety of other improvements that will benefit the VoIP applications it powers. For example, the combined new features of static IP address ranges for Twilio Client media servers, along with the ability to select the specific Twilio data center you’d like to use makes it easier to apply quality of service (QoS) and firewall policies to Twilio Client media. The addition of DSCP packet tagging, meanwhile, can help eliminate call quality issues introduced by a caller’s local network.

“Twilio Client 1.3 lets Qosmy run on Microsoft’s new Edge browser in addition to Chrome and Firefox. Overnight, we’re able to support a huge and growing population of Microsoft users migrating to Windows 10. Using Twilio Client, we can focus on delivering real-time customer service feedback and churn predictions to our enterprise clients—safe in the knowledge that our service has great underlying voice connectivity for every inbound caller,” said Qosmy founder Michael Moore of the Twilio Client’s latest release.

Edited by Maurice Nagle
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