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March 09, 2016

Unified Office Introduces WebRTC Management Portal for Visual Performance Suite

Unified Office is a managed services provider offering hybrid cloud-based unified communications and virtual office services through a variety of channel partners that has experienced a good rate of growth lately. With growth comes expansion in terms of reach and simply enhancing existing offerings. As such, it’s not surprising the company recently announced plans to expand its Visual Performance Suite capabilities with the addition of a WebRTC management portal.

Visual Performance Suite is the first analytics package to provide a customizable, real-time view of operational performance, along with the ability for customers to create their own unique experience via a simple WebRTC interface.

Earlier in the year, Unified Office made further progress into the restaurant industry through a new contract with The Melting Pot Restaurant of Sacramento. The fondue restaurant deployed Total Connect Now, Unified Office’s VoIP and programmable business analytics tool. As it so happens, Visual Performance Suite is part of Total Connect Now, which provides businesses with the visibility and instrumentation needed to better manage their operations.

"Because our customers are the only ones who know what data is valuable to them, we wanted to provide them with a self configurable interface so that they can define their own metrics and experience according to what is most important to them, and the way in which they work," said Ray Pasquale, CEO of Unified Office. "No other service provider provides this level of real-time actionable analytics to businesses of all sizes, all accessible through a simple, easy to use browser interface."

Visual Performance Suite provides managers and owners with a real-time view of changes in operational performance levels and actionable intelligence. With the new WebRTC management portal, businesses can also create their own unique experiences. For example, customers can now easily record their own messaging, while also gaining access to real-time monitoring and alerting via one easy to use browser interface.

Edited by Maurice Nagle
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