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April 21, 2016

Mitel Enhances its Products to Meet the Needs of Today's Workforce

Mitel, a leading provider of WebRTC-based real-time communications solutions, has been focused lately on delivering the right technology and capabilities to handle the communication needs of the modern workforce with mobile-first, cloud-enabled and millennial-focused collaboration offerings and enhancements. In service of this goal, the company released a new mobile team collaboration offering called MiTeam this week. Now, Mitel has outlined enhancements to its other offerings that modernize them to better meet the needs of today’s workforce.

In order to deliver a “millennial-ready” contact center experience, the newest generation of Mitel’s MiContact Center is a mobile-first customer engagement platform that delivers the agility needed to stay ahead of today’s communication trends. By enabling an advanced digital customer experience across real-time communications, social media and CRM integration, MiContact Center offers a cohesive view into a customer’s profile, which integrates into advanced skills-based routing capabilities to find an expert and deliver an immediate, satisfying customer experience.

Meanwhile, Mitel's cloud communications solution portfolio MiCloud has been updated to natively intersect with more than 20 leading cloud-based CRM platforms, as well as productivity applications like Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps. On top of that, MiCloud integrates into key cloud-based application environments for HR and recruiting, dealer and franchise management, financial management and more. By integrating directly into a many application workflows as possible, the MiCloud portfolio offers access to real-time communications capabilities without the need to leave the application.

In partnership with Unisys, Mitel is also tackling real-time communications security with MiStealth to provide enterprises and service providers secure mobile access to the cloud. This solution combines Mitel’s communications leadership with the security of Unisys Stealth identity-driven segmentation and encryption to protect against security threats and data breaches.

Finally, Mitel is making real-time communications for large campuses more intelligent and capable with advanced monitoring, analytics and mass-notification tools as part of Mitel Performance Analytics. Mitel Performance Analytics proactively detects and addresses performance problems before they impact the user with 24/7 monitoring, real-time alerts and testing tools for fast problem resolution. As a supplement, Mitel Mass Notification services provide a reliable communications channel when conventional communications fail due to throughput, technical or other issues.

“Workplace and consumer communications are becoming increasingly centered on mobile devices with network users expecting instant and seamless access to services from anywhere,” said Rich McBee, CEO of Mitel. “Mitel is uniquely positioned to help businesses understand how to overcome these challenges and gain the benefits of tying together different modes of communications for greater speed and simplicity.”

Edited by Peter Bernstein
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